Airport news & upgrade highlights

Scan the nation’s airports, as Cheapflights does almost every day, and see that lots of good stuff is going on. Among the more notable news:

  • San Diego International was just ranked as one of the country’s safest airports, No.7 according to Travel + Leisure. The kudo comes despite the fact that the approach to one-runway Lindbergh Field is a fairly dramatic affair.SAN is one of just four airports in the United States that currently employs Runway Status lights. The visual safeguards help pilots and folks who drive ground equipment steer clear of potential danger.
  • Chicago Midway is another pocketport, smallish but conveniently located comparatively close to town. The low-fare field just debuted a new visual paging systemdesigned to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers. The set-up displays text messages on the airport’s Flight Information Display System, or FIDS. It’s up and running 24/7.If you need to reach someone this way, call 773-838-9660. If you’re using TTY, the number is 773-838-9661.
  • Construction continues at a concerted clip at Phoenix Sky Harbor Internationalon the airport’s Sky Train system. The elliptical arches you see comprise the structural support for PHX Sky Train’s 44th Street and Washington station walls and roof.Stage one of the effort will enable you to move rapidly, and relatively hassle-free, from Terminal 4 to the city’s METRO light rail system. That part of the project would be up and running by early 2013. The PHX Sky Train will operate 24/7. During peak hours trains will depart every three minutes or so.The deal means Phoenix will be on that enviable—but far too short—list of US airports where light rail melds seamlessly with air travel.

What’s your favorite plane to train set-up in the United States? Tell us the airport, and how it saves you time and money.

Story by Jerry Chandler
(Image: prayitno)