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How to use this site

For flights within and from the USA does not sell tickets, but provides one place for you to compare and contrast travel quotes to your destination.

We have two complimentary tools:

1. Cheap flights - Compare deals to your destination.

Cheapflights publishes sales, deals and promotions from many different types of travel companies including travel agents, airlines, consolidators and specialists.

Compare the best deals to your destination and then click through to our partner's Web site or call the telephone number to make a booking or search for availability.

Why is this useful?

  • Get a snapshot of the prices available to your destination.
  • Find out what airlines and travel specialists have the best deals.
  • Consider two or three companies to get the best¬†deal.

To compare deals to your destination, simply enter the to and from destinations in the search box. It's that simple.

2. Book flights online - Search availability by date.

We have several online searches to help you find the best deal. Why is this useful?

  • Search online availability for dates and times that suit you.
  • Shop around for the best deals to your destination.
  • Get options on low-cost alternatives to your destination.

Use the Book airline tickets link in the top navigation.

These two methods are useful in finding the most suitable flight and tracking down the best deal.

We welcome feedback and suggestions. If you need help booking your trip please contact the travel supplier or its agent.

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