Airports in New York State

Buffalo Niagara International

Located close to the Canadian border, roughly halfway between New York City and Toronto, Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) is a convenient method of accessing one of North America's premier tourist attractions, the Niagara Falls.

The biggest waterfalls in North America has drawn sightseers and honeymooners for decades – as attested to by the five million passengers passing through the gates of Buffalo Niagara International Airport each year. The airport is smaller by far than the behemoths found in Toronto and New York City, but is also more basic – so passengers trade shorter queues and cheaper flights for bells and whistles such as good quality restaurants and shops.

Flights to Buffalo Niagara Airport come in from cities across North America, including New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Boston, Washington DC, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Orlando and Philadelphia.

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John F. Kennedy International

John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is one of the busiest airports in the United States. It is also the first taste of New York City that most passengers get when flying to the United States. The airport is located in Queens and is 12 miles (20km) from Manhattan, where most tourist attractions are located.

JFK Airport is well stocked with every type of amenity a passenger could ask for. There are loads of shops, restaurants and bars at the airport, as well as hotels, parking and public transport facilities. However, busy airports often forget the finer details and JFK is no exception. Passengers may find it less than user-friendly at times, mostly due to its large size, and the enormous volume of passengers filing through on domestic and international flights (more than 46 million each year).

With eight terminals, flights to John F Kennedy International Airport are easy to come by on most major airlines. Passengers booking flights with American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue and Evergreen International Airlines should find it easy to get a flight to JFK Airport as all these airlines use the airport as a regional hub.

John F Kennedy International Airport is not only a gateway to the Big Apple – for many, it is a gateway to the United States. Although big, the airport is well equipped to deal with loads of passengers and using JFK should not be a daunting experience.

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La Guardia

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is situated in the borough of Queens, 8 miles (13km) east of Manhattan. It is New York’s primary domestic airport, and is the smallest of the city’s main commercial airports, despite the fact that more than 24 million passengers make their way through it each year.

According to a customer satisfaction survey by JD Power and Associates, LGA is ranked last out of 66 US airports. It’s also ranked last out of 31 airports for on-time arrivals. The customs and immigration facilities often come under fire from frustrated travelers arriving on international flights to LaGuardia Airport – so be prepared to queue at peak times, especially after midday.

Despite its downfalls, LaGuardia is a fairly popular airport due to its close proximity to Manhattan. Although not lavishly designed or decorated, the airport is clean and pleasant enough while the staff are generally friendly and helpful. The Port Authority is exploring development options, the result of which may actually lead to the demolition and rebuilding of LGA in an attempt to create a more efficient, smooth-running airport.

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Long Island Mac Arthur

Long Island MacArthur Airport (ISP) serves as an alternative hub for passengers accessing the New York area. The airport is situated 7 miles (11km) northeast of the central business district of Islip. The town of Islip owns the airport, which provides service to more than 2 million passengers per year, primarily from the Nassau and Suffolk counties.

As it’s a small airport, it serves as a more convenient and less congested alternative to other, busier airports in the area, such as JFK or LaGuardia. Flights to Long Island MacArthur Airport arrive from Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm Beach.

You can expect a quiet and friendly atmosphere at the airport, and can enjoy browsing through the bookshop or one of the newsagents before your flight takes off.  

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White Plains

Westchester County Airport (HPN) is just three miles (5km) from White Plains in New York State. It is close to the New York-Connecticut border and just 33 miles (53km) from Manhattan.

Flights to Westchester County Airport are available from several cities across the United States. Some of the more popular routes are to Atlanta, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Chicago and Detroit. Interestingly, Westchester County Airport caters for a significant number of corporate planes.

Westchester County Airport has a great location, the staff are helpful and when there is only one flight arriving or departing the queues aren’t long and you get in and out quickly. However, if more than one plane is arriving or departing then the airport can get quite crowded. In short, it’s a great airport to use if you’re not planning to spend a great deal of time there, as the facilities are modest, with only a few shopping and dining options.

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